facility assessments

One of our experienced representatives will visit your facility or location to perform a detailed audit of your existing lighting infrastructure in order to assess current lighting quality, application, need and energy demand. Our team will then provide a summary report detailing all existing lighting, current energy consumption and potential energy and financial savings resulting from a switch to an energy efficient LED solution. In addition, any opportunities to enhance the quality of existing lighting can be reviewed and presented.

lighting design

Our team at Hollogram is able to offer consultation, planning, design and implementation services in order to deliver a solution that meets you lighting needs. We can propose energy efficient solutions that incorporate area, task and feature lighting requirements best suited to the environment. Incorporation of lighting control within an automated control system can also be provided.

Using specialized lighting design software, Hollogram is able to provide 3D modelling to our customers detailing a simulation of lighting layout options that incorporate room dimensions, construction materials and environmental conditions impacting the required lighting solutions. An estimate of the electrical power savings and payback period, on your original investment will be provided when incorporating LED lighting versus other traditional options. This will give you a comprehensive view of what switching to LED lights can do for you and your facilities, the ROI and the overall scope of your project.


Our project management team and certified electrical contractors will handle every aspect of the seamless integration for you. On a schedule agreed to with your operations team, they will deliver the product, install and test your new lamps and fixtures and incorporate any lighting control automation required. Alternatively, we can provide training and guidance to your installation contractors regarding correct installation and maintenance procedures.

are you ready to get creative with your lighting design needs

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