Its about partnership  Each space is unique – posing both opportunities and challenges. You want it to be the best possible and so do we. That is why we are passionate about designing a solution to meet your needs.


Our consulting services start with an assessment of the client’s needs. Working with you and/or your architectural/consulting team, Hollogram will gain an understanding of the location and layout, system requirements, desired effects to be achieved and any unique structural challenges for consideration. We will also work with you to determine a budget that you are comfortable with in order to achieve your vision. We then develop a detailed estimate of the costs and resources required to deliver on the project expectations.

system design

Hollogram’s design team members have built a reputation for providing premium quality solutions for both the corporate and home experience. We go above and beyond with better and more reliable equipment that is easy and ensures that every moment you spend watching, listening, and playing is the very best that it can be. When it come to your Low Voltage infrastructure, our team will provide a package that addresses:

  • suitability of application – Ensuring the solution meets the needs of the client for performance and aesthetics
  • equipment selection & integration – Choosing the best possible equipment for the application, budget and ease of use
  • layout & installation requirements – Layout drawings, installation details, special handling and mounting instructions and pre-wiring requirements can be addressed
  • sightline layout & acoustical considerations – Maximizing sight lines and distances, speaker positioning, uniformity of sound and even soundproofing considerations
  • control – Providing the desired capabilities in a fully functional and easy to use platform.
  • technical power requirements – Ensuring a reliable system without interruption
  • signal pathways – Design to ensure wireless coverage where needed and structural cabling and fibre optic cabling where critical.
  • cost – Compliance with any budget
  • required maintenance – So as your system works as well in the future as it does the day you receive it


Once design efforts and documentation have been completed, we are ready to install the supporting infrastructure such as conduit, fibre optic cabling, low voltage wiring and enclosures. All equipment components will be assembled and integrated, as appropriate, in our offices or at the installation site. This may include subsystems consisting of audio, video, switching, conferencing, security, HVAC, lighting and energy management components. Customized user interface controls and sequencing functions will be designed and developed for the integrated system based on the functionality requirements of the client. Once system installation is complete, all design documentation is updated to an as-built state.

Our installation team members are trained and experienced to work in commercial construction environments, including certification with low voltage systems, guaranteeing that the work done on site will meet and exceed necessary code standards. We use top quality cabling, connectors and accessories, built for performance and reliability of your system.

testing & commissioning

All of the components have been installed and connected. Equipment racks are mounted in place and filled with gear. Now a system verification/calibration procedure is performed to ensure that each installed component is optimized for the installation, room and client’s requirements.

Fibre Optic cabling undergoes testing to ensure proper network bandwidth. Video and audio calibration, using approved testing tools and procedures, is performed to optimize performance in consideration of room dynamics. Surveillance and security systems are tested to ensure lines-of-sight, communications and recording/logging accuracy. Lighting sequencing and environmental controls are verified against functional design requirements. And control, whether local or remote, is tested to ensure ease of use and compliance with desired results.

Hollogram adheres to a strict process of quality control, guaranteeing that all project systems and components are designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained according to the client’s operational requirements.


There is a gratifying sense of pleasure in having total control of all systems at the touch of a button. Customers can conveniently control every element of their system; audio, visual, HVAC, lighting, security, surveillance, door locks and much more – all from their touch screen or mobile device. Hollogram understands that technology integration may be intimidating for some, but we ensure that any such intimidation is removed through effective customer training. Hollogram ensures that the end user(s) thoroughly understand the functionality, capabilities and operational procedures for all systems. We offer a wide range of customer training services catered to both the individual, user groups and technical staff.

Finally, no technology system is complete without proper documentation. We provide a full package of documentation including training manuals, “as-built” system drawings and equipment operations manual.

continuing support

Any smart technology or integrated system will need regular maintenance and support from time to time. Support services include such things as time & materials repair service, warranty management service and usage support. In addition, Hollogram is able to provide continued tuning and system adjustments at intervals based on your unique solution and need for your critical systems. Whether to address challenges or failures, or to consider expansions or upgrades incorporating newer technologies and features. We are here when you need us and are a trusted advisor you can count on.

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