Immerse your customer the moment they walk in the door with an experience that creates the brand engagement and connection that brings them back time and time again. Logo projections on walls, promotional messaging on video wall displays and just the right music blend to entice your customer to shop longer and spend more.

Sound and video, of course, is only part of the integrated solution. Our lighting solutions make use of the latest technology in professional LED and automated lighting. Design functional lighting for display purposes or feature lighting for products and artworks. Or integrate complex creative displays offering programmed scenes, colour changes and movement; all at the touch of a button.

Experience and expertise matter. Let Hollogram help you to connect with your customer by ensure the quality of your experience from the inside out.

environments that engage your customer
  • Multi-zone audio systems
  • Digital signage displays
  • Interactive monitors
  • Touch-screen displays
  • PA systems
  • Digital music players
  • Lighting systems
distributed audio

Don’t think of it as background music – you have the flexibility to turn your retail location into any atmosphere you want. Music solutions are the soundtrack to your unique brand and story. Our Hollogram team understands how distributed audio works. It’s not just placement, but the design of speakers for your application as well as a system to control them all that really matter.

interactive displays

Interactive kiosks bring an exciting opportunity for retailers to interact with their customers to enhance the shopping environment. Provide mapping to desired products or services, displaying information and specials, gathering information on connecting with your customers for future marketing. Take the experience to the next level.

digital signage

Bring your retail store to life with your signature video wall displaying custom graphics and stunning imagery. Integrate eye-catching digital displays that provide dynamic messaging, navigation information, brand-centric advertising and daily in-store specials. Schedule and change digital signage content on the fly at a single location or across your entire network. The possibilities are endless.


Round out the customer experience with lighting that enhances the expereince and helps create your brand. Provide feature lighting where needed, LED creative effects to entice and thrill where wanted and enhanced area lighting to ensure the security of your property and people. Create the lighting environment you need – all while reducing your energy consumption through high efficiency technologies and effective lighting control to save you money.

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