When designing a system for the corporate setting aesthetics take on a much bigger roll. These systems are often used for presentations with vendors or clients and need to not only perform flawlessly but look great as well.

Even more importantly, they need to enable effective collaboration amongst your employees. Space is always at a premium and collaborative spaces such as conference rooms, board rooms and training rooms are essential to the business. It is imperative that the technology supporting your team in these rooms is designed and implemented properly to best leverage valuable time and the varied ways people work.

Whether your meeting facilities are entirely local, or require the integration of external audio and video conferencing, Hollogram is able to develop a solution to allow you to succeed.

making the difference in your business needs
  • Presentation systems
  • Audio conferencing systems
  • Video conferencing & telepresence
  • SMART whiteboard and interactive technology
  • Video displays and digital signage systems
  • Network solutions – wired and wireless
  • Room management systems including lighting, shade control and HVAC
boardrooms / meeting rooms

Boardrooms, conference rooms and training rooms are venues where traditional audiovisual systems have been found. These spaces, once limited to one-dimensional PowerPoint-type presentations, are now places where interactive collaboration regularly occur. Places where all participants can freely share and exchange ideas. Hollogram understands that audiovisual systems that are simple to use, are the ones that get used most often.


Videoconferencing is about forming new social structures and relationships so that a company can behave as one integrated enterprise. Once limited to special purpose conference rooms, videoconferencing is now found throughout the workplace. Hollogram offers an array of scalable videoconference solutions, from mobile devices to telepresence suites. Walk-up-and-use technologies are now available to allow spontaneous collaboration with co-workers, regardless of their locations

integrated collaboration

Traditional collaboration often failed because team interaction was restricted to just talking or the showing of PowerPoint presentations. There is a better way to work together. With visual collaboration tools such as SMART whiteboards, people collaborate in visual and interactive ways whether they are in the same room or in workspaces around the world. Make more informed decisions, reduce costs, engage clients and stakeholders, and train personnel – all by making it easier to share information and communicate ideas.

sound masking

Modern work environments tending towards open plan seating creating a fine line between spaces that are conducive to collaboration and those that are prone to constant distraction. A properly implemented sound masking systems can both reduce distractions and increase speech privacy in both the collaborative and enclosed office environments.

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