Whether integrated into the classroom or directing patients to where they need to be, technology has dramatically changed the way people are engaged, informed and interacted with. No longer is audiovisual limited to presentation spaces, but now is used as a collaboration work tool to bring people together throughout their office and around the globe.


The modern classroom is both physical and virtual. Laptop computers, wireless networks, broadcast and presentation systems have transformed classrooms and lecture halls into complex technology environments. Interactive technologies such as SMART Whiteboards have created opportunities for interactive two-way engagement with multiple simultaneous inputs from educators and students. At the same time, the boundaries of geography and time are eliminated through the application of distance learning, allowing students to attend classes and seminars remotely either in real-time or at their leisure providing unprecedented flexibility.

Hollogram can help your educational institution implement, augment or upgrade a state-of-the-art educational technology and distance learning program. Our expertise in networking, telecommunications and audio-visual technology will help you select the right solutions and get the most out of them.

creating the effective learning environment

  • Secure high definition recording and archiving
  • Integrated high-fidelity touchscreen displays
  • 3-D Theaters with remote collaboration
  • Information and Workflow Digital Signage
  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Projection
  • Interactive SMART Whiteboard Solutions


The applications for low voltage infrastructure within hospitals, seniors residences and assisted-living facilities are advancing quickly. From mass notification and information systems to simulation training facilities for medical students to bedside entertainment systems, technologies for the healthcare market continue to evolving.

With IT infrastructure constantly being integrated with audio-visual equipment it is imperative that the right Low Voltage company with experience in both fields is chosen. Let our team at Hollogram develop a solution that meets your needs and budget and provides a reliable easy-to-use system.

extending the quality and capabilities of your systems and infrastructure

  • Integrate critical information with personal communication devices for medical support personnel that give instant access to information on a patient’s medical records, time of last applied medications and condition monitoring systems.
  • Incorporate effective nurse-call systems that not only provide localized visual indications but allow for centralized answering assignment based who is in proximity to the call and allow the pushing of information to personal communication devices rather than being tied to the centralized nursing station.
  • Control and monitor access for patients or staff based on proximity sensors incorporated to personal wireless tracking devices.
  • Provide quality integrated entertainment/information systems for the long term care patient, and their grandchildren when they come to visit, with fully interactive audio-visual systems offering distributed video personal care information, games and more.


Application of low voltage systems within the Correctional facilities environment provides a unique set of challenges relating to equipment selection and installation requirements. Ensuring the safety and integrity of your critical systems infrastructure forms the critical path in all design considerations.

Ensure you are entrusting your low voltage design requirements with someone that has the experience and understanding of the challenges associated with correctional institutions. Let our team at Hollogram develop the solution that meets your needs.

ensuring safety and security within your facilities

  • Fibre distribution
  • Access control
  • Surveillance
  • Reliable and secure site communication distribution
  • Mass communication systems and alarming
  • Personal Emergency communicators/monitors

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