Yes, your security or entertainment system can be installed post-construction, but it is much more cost-efficient to pre-wire your building before construction is complete. Wiring your home properly puts you in control of your electronics plan and gives you more flexibility for the future.

Let us create a custom-designed wiring package for your home or business based on your goals and industry best practices. We will document your design so you know what wiring you have and where it goes. From start to finish, Hollogram’s professional wiring designers will take care of all the details, so you don’t have to.

We can provide a quality solution at an affordable price, saving you money while planning ahead for your future high-performance needs.

Higher quality audio-visual performance: Unlike wireless security and A/V systems which use radio waves to send signals, an insulated wired system eliminates interference, resulting in a sharper, cleaner and uninterrupted connection

Hard-wired for safety: Offering peace of mind knowing your high performance system will be there when you need it most

Improved Aesthetics: Pre-construction wiring services offers a clean and efficient installation with all wiring completely concealed

structural wiring

planning for the future

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