Access control solutions help you create a safer, more efficient workplace, for a price that fits your budget. We work with businesses and organizations developing customized access control systems to meet the individual needs of each customer.

Our access control solutions offer a choice in equipment and features. We will use the latest technology and create a customized system with only the features needed by you.

imagine what can be achieved…

»  Keep employees safe by securing your building’s perimeter.

»  Ensure safety and security protocols are followed throughout the use of building tracking.

»  Screen office visitors with a video intercom system.

what would you like to be able to do?

how can a Hollogram system help you?

ease of use:  Control door locks, gates, cameras, and more, from a single easy-to-use system.

customizable:  Control employee access to your building after hours, track entries and exits by employee, and restrict access privileges on an as-needed basis.

detailed reporting:  View access logs and reports from a simple interface, available via a web page and mobile apps.

mobile device control:  Add, edit, and remove employee access, lock and unlock doors, and view video any time from anywhere, even using your smartphone or tablet.

choice of equipment and functionality:  Use the latest technology to customize a system with only those features that work for you.

let Hollogram help you develop a system that meets your access control needs

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